Worried about your Wedding Photography?

A pre-wedding shoot could be the answer

Do you love photography but have wedding photography worries? Are you feeling apprehensive about being photographed on your wedding day?

If so, you’re certainly not alone.

Take Eilidh and Brian for example, who I had the great pleasure of meeting for a pre-wedding shoot last weekend at the Lake of Menteith.

They have a fabulous wedding planned for next year at Myres Castle. As a result, they were feeling a little unsure about the photography, having never had professional photos before. The shoot worked out brilliantly for setting them at ease.

Booking a Documentary Wedding Photographer is a good start.

Many couples book me for my documentary approach and the appeal of not having to pose for photos all day. The idea of no lengthy wedding day photoshoot is very attractive. We’ve all heard stories about the bride and groom going off with the photographer for two hours while the guests wonder where they’ve disappeared to!

As a wedding photojournalist I will capture real moments of interaction and emotion without the need to direct or interfere. Candid and considered wedding photography is always the best way to capture the essence of your day and preserve the memories as they really happened. It doesn’t have to be a long sequence of scripted poses.

And you can still have Portraits

Having said that, I rarely photograph a wedding where the couple don’t want any portraits. It’s an important part of the wedding and a stage of the day which I love. It just doesn’t have to dominate everything.

So, over the years, I have developed a style which produces gorgeous natural portraits with the minimum of fuss. I’ll have you back to your guests before you’re missed. You will relax into each other’s company in a beautiful setting and will almost forget that I’m there with my camera.

Have you considered a pre-wedding shoot to help with wedding photography worries?

So back to Eilidh and Brian and their pre-wedding shoot. As a result, they decided to book a pre-wedding shoot to ease their wedding photography worries.

Therefore, we had planned to meet at a local hotel. It would have been lovely to have a coffee and a catch-up before heading out to do the photos. Unfortunately, with everything shut due to the second wave we had to meet in the car park but the sun was shining and the leaves were glowing gold!

The session was a great success all around:

  • the couple now feel much easier about being photographed on their wedding as they know how I work and what to expect
  • they’ve had some practise on how best to stand – it’s all about natural, with no awkward posing.
  • Eilidh and Brian now have gorgeous photos to send to their nearest and dearest to mark their engagement
  • they have a beautiful set of pictures to look back on marking this very special time in their lives. For themselves and the generations to come!
relieve wedding photography worries with a pre-wedding shoot

Eilidh’s comments on the experience:

“My fiance and I weren’t initially planning a pre-wedding shoot. But my future sister-in-law had recently booked one and highly recommended it.

It was absolutely the right decision for us. We got the chance to meet Ashley and practice having a few photos taken. I admit I thought it would be awkward but Ashley put us totally at ease and we ended up having a good laugh.

It was also lovely to have a set of photographs as an engaged couple. We were engaged just before lockdown and didn’t manage a celebration so this has properly marked our engagement.

Brian and I were so pleased with the photos and our families love them too. We are so glad we have them now.

I couldn’t recommend a pre-wedding shoot with Ashley highly enough. We are now just looking forward to the photos on the day and not worrying about it at all.”

Thanks to the couple and see you next year!

So a huge thank you to Eilidh and Brian! We had a lot of fun and they went away with their wedding photography worries put to bed. As a result, they were feeling relaxed and happy about our next meeting with a lovely set of pictures to show for it. I can’t wait to share the pictures from their big day at Myres Castle.

In conclusion, if you’re feeling apprehensive about your wedding photos, I recommend a pre-wedding shoot. Above all, you’ll also have a gorgeous set of pictures to remember this magic stage in your lives.

Some of my favourite pictures from our meeting:

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