Unsure whether an engagement shoot is for you?

If the mere thought of posing in front of a camera makes you shudder with awkwardness, read on and find out why an engagement shoot may be the answer….

My wedding photography is all about candid, unobtrusive and unscripted images – in the moment, no direction.

But like every couple, you’ll want some gorgeous couple portraits as well as all the candid moments – you just won’t want to feel awkward doing it or for it to eat up hours of your reception, precious time away from your guests.

Easy relaxed quick portraits

Booking an engagement session is a game-changer! It’s a test run that will help you to realise just how easy, relaxed and quick the portraits will be on the day.

You’ll have no photo anxiety to add to all the other wedding nerves. This is because you will have already experienced how relaxed and pleasant it is to create gorgeous wedding portraits with your engagement shoot.

My mantra is “If you feel awkward, the pictures will look awkward”. So I’ll use my many years of experience as a portrait photographer to get the very best shots without crossing the line and asking you to do something that doesn’t feel natural.

I’ll build a rapport with you, you’ll understand exactly how I work and you’ll be wondering what you were ever worried about. All this ahead of the big day – one less thing to feel anxious about because you’ll know exactly what to expect.

The Result?

Here’s what you’ll get out of booking an engagement shoot:

  • A beautiful set of pictures to mark this incredibly important moment in your lives together. Your family and friends will love them.
  • A fun day out in a beautiful setting.
  • No anxiety about your wedding photography, just natural, effortless wedding portraits when the day comes around.
  • Get to know your photographer – they’ll feel like a wedding guest on the day.

An engagement shoot to transform your wedding day

So, if you’re on the path to ‘I Do’, consider an engagement session. It’ll transform your wedding day photos and sweep away any photo worries.

Who’s ready to take the plunge?

Lauren and Gary were. Here are some of their photos. They came to the Trossachs where I live, the results were fantastic and they then felt completely relaxed about the photography on the big day.

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