Catriona and Oliver were married in a breath-taking ceremony at Ravensheugh Log Cabin above Tyninghame Beach, East Lothian. This clifftop wedding was simply incredible. It was such a memorable day on so many levels and I was honoured to be their Ravensheugh Log Cabin Wedding photographer.


Scotland is famous for some amazing wedding venues. Unsurprisingly, the Log Cabin at Ravenseugh Beach is certainly a fantastic one to photograph. I have photographed a few weddings here before. Certainly it never fails to impress and create a wonderful backdrop for a wedding.

There’s a connection with the elements, a midpoint between the power of the sea and the size of the sky. In the distance, Bass Rock stands on the horizon like a sentry. The Ravenseugh Log Cabin is the perfect location for stripping back the formality that often goes with a wedding and exposing the rawness of the emotions that a wedding day arouses. Weddings at this East Lothian wedding venue lend themselves brilliantly to my documentary and unposed style of wedding photography.


I started the photography at a converted steading of cottages which Catriona’s family had taken over for the event. They were in a lovely rural setting surrounded by farmland a few miles from Ravensheugh Log Cabin. It was a great atmosphere, as all the cottages looked inwards to a central courtyard. There was lots of comings and goings throughout the morning as everyone was getting ready for the wedding day. As a wedding photographer, I appreciate locations like this where I can candidly document the day as it unfolds. 

I headed off to the coast a little bit ahead of Catriona and her dad so I could photograph Oliver and the guests arriving at the cabin and preparing for the bride’s arrival. 

During the ceremony they had an ancient wedding tradition which is rarely seen these days, and I’ve never photographed before which was jumping over the broom. This tradition symbolizes a new beginning and a sweeping away of the past.


Catriona and Oliver’s wedding day began with bright blue skies and strong sunshine, but the forecast was for summer storm later. You could feel the atmosphere changing as the haze came over the sun. The haze grew throughout the day until a violent rain storm soaked the place. Luckily, everyone was safely installed in the marquee listening to the speeches when it hit. But the ferocity of the deluge even drowned out the speeches for a while. Everyone was relieved that it had stayed perfectly dry and still for the ceremony!

Catriona and Oliver had planned to go for a walk down on the beach after dinner but because of the weather, they decided to go down during the reception. I had great fun photographing them as they stripped off their shoes and paddled in the shallows. 

If you’re planning a wedding at Ravensheugh Log Cabin and like the look of this style of unposed wedding photography please get in touch to check my availability. 

And if you’d like to take a look at another Ravensheugh Log Cabin wedding I photographed, here’s one from a few years back.  Cheers.

Some of My Favourite Photos from the Day

The unique Ravensheugh Log Cabin

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