Wedding Moments

The big wedding moments need the small moments

Photography that captures the essence of a wedding day is much more than just the big wedding moments where rings are exchanged or the couple take to the dance floor for the first time.

House for an Art Lover wedding moments

These big moments are obviously completely crucial to the wedding story. But it’s the small wedding moments, in-between the main action that give real depth to the narrative of the day.

As a documentary wedding photographer I’m always on the look out for the small moments which can happen at any point in time. They are the spontaneous, unscripted, unplanned moments where people are off-guard, completely relaxed and completely themselves.

They capture the true feelings of love and emotion that is the foundation of any wedding. Every detail may not look utterly perfect but it’s the emotion and feelings expressed which will give the picture the legs to stay with you for a whole lifetime.

A fleeting moment no longer than a heartbeat

In the picture above the couple are totally wrapped up in each other. It was taken during the signing of the register at The House for an Art Lover. The world could have stopped for all they know. The kiss on the hand is a fleeting gesture that lasted no longer than a heartbeat. But in that split second their feelings for each other are frozen in time. All they need to do as the years stretch out ahead, is return to this picture to be transported back to the raw, unfiltered emotions they felt as they made the ultimate commitment to each other.

Fran and Will at Culzean Castle

Next, let me introduce you to Fran and Will. This is one of their small moments too.

best wedding photos 2021

They were away from the guests, heading back to the reception and unaware of the camera. There was a gorgeous patch of reflected sunlight in the courtyard. As they came around the corner, they were practically skipping with the excitement of actually being married. All the anticipation and nerves of the previous months preparing and organising were over. They were having the day of their lives.

It isn’t a picture that I could possibly replicate at my next wedding at Culzean. But as a documentary wedding photographer I anticipate the action, read the mood, watch the light and get myself into a position where the magic may happen. I find it amazing how often it does!

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