Autumn trees reflected in Loch Ard

Scene setting image

When I photograph a wedding I always try to shoot an opening image at the start of the day to begin the story and set the scene.

As a documentary wedding photographer I feel that it is important to show something of the venue or the area in which the wedding is taking place. And the season or the weather conditions are something that will always be a significant memory for the couple – it’s a part of the story.

Loch Ard wedding

We are having a wonderful autumn up here in Scotland this year and on my way to The Altskeith on Loch Ard for a wedding recently I rounded the corner to be confronted by this scene. Beautiful as the colours of autumn where, what stuck me was the huge tonal range and wonderful contrasting textures in the rocks, conifers, deciduous trees and water. The strong colours of autumn would only be a distraction.

I think it could be a candidate for a frame on the office wall!

If you are thinking about a wedding at Loch Ard (or anywhere else for that matter), please don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat through your plans and see if I have your date free.


It’s all about authentic storytelling…… genuine emotive photography not standing and posing all day.

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