29 Glasgow Wedding

The heavens opened at 29 Glasgow, The Supper Club for Tracey and Robin on their wedding day! You’ll see it rained all day, and the streets were all wet. But of course it didn’t put a dampener on proceedings and the day went perfectly. In other words, the wedding ceremony and party at Apartment 29 and The Supper Club were amazing. As one of Glasgow’s best known venues it is well prepared for putting on the best of celebrations. Above all there’s no need for good weather to make a day to remember.

A wedding at 29 Glasgow and the wet streets of Royal Exchange Square

I started my photography with Robin and his best man as they got ready at the Grand Central Hotel. They put on their kilts and looked a fabulous sight as they walked down the Grand Staircase. It’s an original architectural feature which stands as a great throwback to the wealth and power of Victorian Glasgow. As a result, the hotel is a testament to the golden age of steam. Once the guys were on their way I headed over to the couple’s flat. Tracey was getting ready there with her brother and sister.

Tracey was looking absolutely gorgeous in her lacy white dress. It would have looked wonderful in any weather but in the rain on the day it was perfect. It meant she could walk around comfortably without having a heavy train dragging along on the wet ground.

An emotional First Look with a twist for the guests

The idea of a ‘First Look’ is gaining in popularity in the UK. It’s a great idea on lots of levels. I have photographed plenty of them now but Tracey and Robin decided to take it a step further. They saw each other secretly for the first time when they met on the back stairs of the club. All the guests gathered in the rooms above were oblivious. The walls of the stairs around Tracey and Robin were covered in brilliant photos and artworks. The windows behind them look out onto the atmospheric back alleys and urban grit of the city.

But unlike most First Looks, Tracey then decided to surprise all the guests, especially her mum, by going to greet them all and say hello before the ceremony. It was such a lovely moment as the expressions of astonishment spread throughout the room and everyone gathered around the bride to show their love.

Robin and Tracey had chosen their venue well as Apartment 29, The Supper Club (website) has so many different spaces that the wedding flowed naturally from one point to the next with every stage of the day. Every time we moved to a new room I was struck by the change in atmosphere, it meant that the day was constantly refreshed. The venue was well-decorated with flowers, chandeliers, fairy lights and candles.

Portraits in the Rain

After the wedding ceremony, we left 29 Glasgow and went out onto the wet streets for some great wedding portraits. However, the wet streets glistened in the reflected light did nothing but heighten the atmosphere. We went out into the back alleys and main shopping streets with umbrellas and happy smiles. There were cheers of congratulations from passers-by and the slightly quizzical look from a pair of traffic wardens. Robin and Tracey had a great vision for their wedding day which was all about friends, music, love and a brilliant party. I covered it all and tried my best to capture moments which will remind this couple of their beautiful wedding day all their lives.

Tracey and Robin, thank you so much for trusting me with the honour to be your wedding photographer. Every time I look at your wedding photographs, they give me a real sense of joy. In conclusion, they reflect the love and bond you two share and how you are meant for each other. So I wish you both a love-filled life ahead!

Some of My Favourite Photos from the Day

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