I always love a Glasgow University Wedding but this one was not quite like anything I’ve ever photographed before. Emily and Chris had a pretty unique vision for their big day.

We’re going back to May 2016. The couple recently got in touch to order some prints and it reminded me that I never put this wonderful wedding on my blog. But before I tell you about it, why not watch this short photofilm to put you in the picture. After all, you know what they say about pictures and a thousand words!

What’s the first word that comes into your head after watching that? For me it’s “fun” but there are then lots of other words that come flooding in behind… family, friendship, intimacy, love.

I’ve got to take my hat off to these guys. Emily and Chris seemed to throw the rule book out the window when making their plans. There are many couples who have the same aspirations but aren’t quite as brave when it comes to paring things back to their elemental priorities.

There was no stress or anxiety at any stage of the day – maybe a few nerves from each of them as the moment approached. As a result, everyone involved in this wedding had masses of fun. If you’re simply having a lovely time with your nearest and dearest, all the other emotions you could ever want to feel on a wedding day simply follow on naturally from that point.

I felt incredibly lucky to be a witness to Emily and Chris’s stripped back Glasgow University wedding. I drove home that night with a big grin on my face, feeling at peace with the world!

Stills from Emily & Chris’s day


It’s all about authentic storytelling…… genuine emotive photography not standing and posing all day.

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