Back in July, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Stefanie and Mark’s beautiful Trump Turnberry wedding. This wedding was such a spectacular day. From the incredible ceremony at St. Margaret’s Cathedral in Ayr to the amazing reception at the Trump Turnberry Resort. You’ll see that this wedding was truly a remarkable celebration! I’m so glad Stefanie and Mark asked me to be their wedding photographer!


When I arrived at the venue the boys were tucking into a big cooked breakfast and the girls were well underway with their preparations.

The boys were in one of the houses on the estate and the girls were up in one of the gorgeous suites. From there they overlooked the golf courses beyond the sea. I was impressed by how relaxed the atmosphere was. As I might have known, when Stefanie’s dad saw her for the first time in her dress, the emotions spilled over. I love capturing this moment when father and daughter see each other for the first time (the first look). So much happiness and often a few tears.

Stefanie and Mark’s beautiful little girl, Olivia was running around the entire time. It was great being able to capture her excitement as well! You could tell she couldn’t wait for these two to be wed. So after everyone was finished getting ready, it was off to St. Margaret’s Cathedral Ayr for the ceremony.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony at St Margaret’s Ayr

I was able to capture some great shots from a vantage point on the balcony at the cathedral, but I got some wonderful images from the floor as well. The cathedral was so spacious and it really was a gorgeous ceremony.

Once Stefanie and Mark became husband and wife, it was time to head back to Trump Turnberry (website) to celebrate.

The staff were looking fabulous in their kilts and feathered bonnets. And the Grand Ballroom was simply magnificent — beautifully decorated with light streaming in from floor to ceiling. The meal, the flowers, the speeches — everything was perfect!

Couple portraits at the iconic Turnberry Lighthouse

After dinner, I took the couple down to the lighthouse for some bridal portraits.

This was the perfect opportunity for the two of them to be on their own for the first time since the wedding and to immerse themselves in such an intimate moment in a wonderfully wild and rugged spot — it felt like the end of the earth.

For truly natural and authentic portraits it’s very important to leave the couple alone so they are creating real memories. Above all, I want them to forget all about the camera and just get totally absorbed in each other. In short, if all they’re thinking about is how they’re standing for the photos, the pics will look awkward and staged. But if they are allowed to get wrapped up in each other, their memories of going out to the headland will be of a wild and raw experience — just the two of them in the vast expanse of nature on the most important day of their lives.

When it was time to rejoin the party, the groom and groomsmen changed into black tie and the party really kicked into high gear, with a grand entrance through an indoor fireworks display.

Stefanie and Mark, thank you so much for allowing me to be your wedding photographer. I had an amazing time with the two of you and I wish you nothing but happiness for years to come!

Some of My Favourite Photos from the Day


Wedding planner: Cheryl

Videographer: Adam Troupe

Reception Venue: Trump Turnberry Resort (Website)

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